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About Us

Inglehurst Foods was established by Mike Saltmarsh in 1996 based on 25 years’ experience in product development and vending in the food industry.

Mike wrote the guide to good hygiene practice in the vending industry in the UK, approved by the Food Standards Agency and published by The Stationery Office and his knowledge of the microbiology of water in vending and dispensing is based on practical experience and research projects at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Inglehurst Foods has extensive experience of food safety management in the vending and allied industries and has written food safety manuals for companies in a number of business sectors.

The company has participated in several European projects on phytochemicals and health and has organised conferences on functional foods, flavonoids, vitamin C and milk proteins.

Mike Saltmarsh is the editor of the Essential Guide to Food Additives published by the Royal Society of Chemistry and lectures on food additives at the University of Birmingham.

Inglehurst Foods has an extensive network of collaborators with complementary skills and can build a team to fit the needs of any project.

For further information please contact us: enquiries@inglehurst.co.uk

Mike Saltmarsh

01420 563413

Inglehurst Foods


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