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Providing technical support and advice to the food industry and its customers

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Over 30 year’s experience in food product development, labelling and legislation provides the background to Inglehurst Foods’ services and our extensive network of contacts in the food additive industry ensures our database is always up to date.

We understand the use, function and history of food additives and carry out surveys to track trends in additive use and labelling.  

Mike Saltmarsh, Managing Director, edits the Essential Guide to Food Additives.  This was published by the Royal Society of Chemistry in February 2013.  The Essential Guide is the only book to provide objective information on each individual additive, identifying its source, the reasons for its use and any limitations, whether technical or legislative.

Mike lectures on additives in the Higher Certificate in Food Premises Inspection at Birmingham University.

Inglehurst Foods carries out projects for companies, academia and authorities on additive

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